Rapid Surf League© Squad


Janina Zeitler

Munich, Germany

Janina has been the dominant force over the last year and will be the one to beat in 2019.

IG @janina_zeitler


Lukas Brunner

Munich, Germany

Lukas is one of the most stylish rapid surfers and makes even the hardest tricks look easy. Overall winner 2019

IG @suppor_the_love


Eva Loach

Salzburg, Austria

Eva always ends up on the podium and is your 2018 RSL runner up.

DSC_5972 (2).JPG

Lenni Weinhold

Munich, Germany

He's still a grom, but a dangerous one! Two third places are proof.

IG @lenny.weinhold


Kathrin Gappmayr


Austrian Kathrin Gappmayr has been turning heads for a while now and will be one to watch in 2019.

IG @kathringappmayr


Manuel Kronfeldner

Munich, Germany

Fluid, stylish and with a bag full of tricks. Watch out! He will make a move in 2019.

IG @manu.krnf


Sophie Puchta

Munich, Germany

Fairly new to the scene and without seeding, Sophia will have to fight her way through the pre-lims. Lots of style.

IG @pickahontas


Luki Haigermoser

Salzburg, Austria

Austria's finest. Luki has been setting the standard at home and on rapid waves around Europe.

IG @luki_haigermoser


Rosina Neuerer

Munich, Germany

To call Rosina a dark horse would not do her justice. Watch out for her, she rips.


Manuel Burger


One of Austria's finest and always around when there's good waves during floodings.


Laura Haustein

Munich, Germany

Watch out, you might not have heard of Laura yet, but she surprised everyone with a 2nd place at the Crown of the Crown event.


Dominik Wienecke

Munich, Germany

Older brother of Moritz, always good for a surprise due to a wide range of tricks on lock.


Christina Minimayr

Salzburg, Austria

At home on the Alm Kanal, shredding all other waves, your 2018 Austrian Surfing Rapid Champ.


Simon Bitterlich

Munich, Germany

Smooth, able to put it on a rail, has all the tricks on lock.


Leilani Ettel

Munich, Germany

Skater, snowboarder, surfer, Leilani can do it all and could cause upsets.


Nicolas Marusa

Munich, Germany

The future is bright for this young chap. If you watch him surf, you know what we are talking about.


Chiara Kreindl

From the Jochen Schweizer Arena wave outside Munich to one of the best girls around. Chiara's future is bright!

Florian Kummer

Munich, Germany

Who's the doctor you go see if you want to kick flip? Exactly, Dr. Flori Kummer. First surfer ever to stick a kick flip at the Eisbach.


Sophia Böhler

Munich, Germany

This lady is simply solid as and will cause upsets!


Julian Froschmeier

Munich, Germany

Julian is an excellent kite surfer and has become one of the stand outs at Munich's Eisbach over the last couple of years.


Joshi Hellinger

Munich, Germany

Joshi has been one of the stand outs for a while now and will be one of the dominant forces over the next couple of years.


Tao Schirrmacher

Munich, Germany

Tao is one of the surfers who has made Rapid Surfing what it is today. One of the legends of the sport.


Luca Hellinger

Munich, Germany

Luca is one of the most stylish groms who wants to push the aspect of surfing more than anything else.

Alexander Neumann

Munich, Germany

Alex is half German half Brazilian and we hope he brings a bit of competitiveness to the table.


Simon Strangfeld

Munich, Germany

Simon is also one of the guys who has been pushing the limits for a long time now.


Paul Günter

Munich, Germany

Radical and a little crazy. Never holds back and that's what we love him for.


Moritz Wienecke

Munich, Germany

Once the grom, now a force to be reckoned with.


Viktor Abele

Munich, Germany

Radical, powerful, good lines, lots of pop...